Visit fantastic places near the city with Reykjavik (Iceland) car rentals

The city of Reykjavik lies on the rocky and volcanic soil and the freezing Norwegian Sea water bounds its east coast. The dark and uninhabited mountain Esja situated in the north of the Icelandic capital is constantly watching over the city. Reykjavik is also surrounded by the forest with an almost unpronounceable name Reykjanesfólkvangur in the south and by the forest Thingvellir and the lake Pingvallavatn in the east.

Visit fantastic places near the city with Reykjavik car rentals

We are talking about these places because if you decide to visit Reykjavik they are the closest ones to the city. Even though there are tours and organized trips, adventurous people, as we are, recommend to you something different that will allow you to enjoy your trip to the Icelandic capital even more. You can travel in a rental car at your own pace with a map or GPS and make your own decisions on which way you want to go to understand the Icelandic culture even better.

The vegetation surrounds all the roads as if you were travelling through a forest in your car from Atak car rental but without actual forest outside and all the risks it entails. But if you not an adventurous person and don’t really want to leave this beautiful city, what can you see in Reykjavik with your car?

Go for a walk around Reykjavik and visit its monuments with a rental car

If you enjoy visiting historical monuments, the first thing we could recommend to you is Hallgrimskirkja church. This Lutheran church built in the Expressionist style is considered to be an important place in the city and it’s the biggest church of the entire island. From its highest point (about 75 metres) you can see a spectacular view of the city, the harbour and the sea. The second thing you should see is the statue in the honour of the son of the famous Eric The Red, Leif Eriksson. The statue was created and designed by Alexander Stirling.

You can also visit one of the landmark buildings in Reykjavik, the Perlan building. This twenty-six metres high building is situated on the Öskjuhlío hill and has a hemispherical structure on its top that reminds you of a Roman dome. Inside there is 10,000 cubic meters of exhibition space known as the famous Winter Garden of Reykjavik. It can also host concerts, and if you choose the right time of year when it’s not too cold, you can go up to the viewpoint around the dome and enjoy wonderful views and sunsets.

Speaking about concerts. Why don’t you visit the outside part of the most majestic building in Iceland that hosts concerts and the most important conferences in the country? The Harpa building opened in 2011 is located close to the seaside to impress even the most challenging visitors. The name of this unique building comes from the ancient Icelandic language and it means the first summer month of the Nordic calendar. Also, the name Harpa was chosen in the honour of the stringed musical instrument harp.

As you can see, if you decide to rent a car in Reykjavik you can enjoy your own magnificent travel plans with your companions around the Icelandic capital and its surroundings. Don’t miss the opportunity to create your own routes and go only to those places you want to go!

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