Visit Lake Mývatn, the lake of midges

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Every tourist who wants to experience an unforgettable trip has to go to the places far away from typical areas like beach or mountains. An exciting adventure with your family, partner or friends in the unspoilt places will make you really enjoy your trip. You will never forget the moment you fell in love with a beautiful landscape.

That’s why today we are offering a fantastic road trip that you can take in your Iceland car rental. For example, the famous lake Mývatn situated in the North Iceland.

Visit Lake Mývatn, the lake of midges

Go to the Reykjavik car rentals and get ready to travel on your own around the island towards the Lake of midges. There you will be able to see some unique landscapes or, if you are brave enough, even take a quick dip.

The Mývatn is officially protected since 1974 to preserve its natural conditions, and not just the lake itself but also to protect craters and pseudocraters, the geothermal and lava fields that are plentiful in this region of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Obviously, the lake has its name due to the large number of flies in this area but don’t worry! A large number of ducks are in charge of finishing these insects off by eating them up. So you will be able to enjoy not just the vast expanses of the Lake Mývatn but also its fauna.

Drive in your rental car around the Lake of midges

The Lake Mývatn’s perimeter is almost forty kilometers and there are some incredible landscapes around it. Therefore, driving around the lake in your rental car could be a very nice experience. You will be able to see forests, a great variety of birds and, if you’ve chosen the right time of the year to go to Iceland, even beautiful northern lights while lying on your rental car hood.


And if you prefer to get a good bath, here you have some Iceland car rental tips. You can drive from Atak car rental to Stóragjá, a hot spring of low temperature. But the temperature is low only for winter, of course, as the water is about 27 °C. This hot spring we are talking about is pretty close the road that surrounds the Lake. And the most incredible thing about it is that it’s found under a rocky wall so it feels like you are bathing in a cave.

Although the unforgettable thing would be to go to the Mývatn Nature Baths, a spa considered to be one of the world's most exclusive natural steambath. In you rental car you can go to this outdoor spa any time of year, as its doors are always open. It’s an ideal place to spend your day.

As you can see, this trip in a rental car to the North Iceland will allow you to relax in a unique way, to see rocky landscapes and forests that have hardly been seen by any humans and also enjoy fauna in its wildest state.

Don’t miss it!

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