Iceland road trip


With plenty of wild landscapes -among other amazing secrets- Iceland has recently become one of the trendiest as well as fascinating places in this summer.

In order to make the most of this country, you should rent out a car; hit the road and no-stop exploring this incredible place. By far, this is the best way to move around, not only for your own comfort but also for the freedom of deciding your own route. Regretfully, public transportation (e.g. Bus) may not stop at all places that you would wish.

If you want to get a full trip, better to keep drifting our island. For this, you vehicle and the Ring Road will be your best allies. The combination of this two will enable you to go everywhere and get the most of it.

Besides, if you wonder to visit Iceland in summer, keep in mind that you will get almost 24 hours of sunlight. As you might have thought, this becomes a great advantage: no need to drive during the night, no worries at all plus the safety while grabbing the steering wheel.

Through the website Icelandbycar you could manage to rent your car according to your preferences and needs. This website offers you a rather big range of cars and models. Most likely you can find the one which better fits your needs.

Once your car has been arranged, gear up to discover the main landmarks that Iceland has to delight you:


  • Jökulsárlón: this lagoon is located 350km away from the capital, Reykjavik, and it can be seen from the highway. Easy to access when coming from the highway. In there, the floating icebergs will be awaiting for you.

  • Eyjafjallajökull this is one of the smallest icebergs in Iceland. Located in the northern part of Suðurland and at the West of the iceberg Mýrdalsjökull , utterly bigger than the first one.


On the best places where to spot this mammal is Husarik, a tiny cozy fishermen village in the north of the island. From here excursions by ferry can be booked. They are expected for lasting 6 hours, 100% chances to see whales is not fully guarantee though.

One of the most common kinds of whale is the Minke, which its meat is consumed across entirely Iceland. Additionally, during the excursion you might also catch Orca, Small porpoise and several types of whales as well as dolphins.


The largest waterfall of Iceland can be found at the northeast of the island. Its name is Dettitfoss.

Other interesting waterfalls:

  • Svartifoss (Black waterfall) – surrounded by basalt columns

  • Gullfoss (Golden waterfall) – one of the most popular attractions. It is in the southeast of the country. This could also be visited while doing the Golden Circle Tour

  • Skógafoss: is also one of the biggest waterfalls and can be seen at the southern part of the island


Iceland has around 130 volcanic mountains. The most recent eruption took place in 2010 by the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Nowadays, this is covered by glacier ice.

Besides this one, there is another interesting volcano which deserves to be visited, Kerio. This is located in Grimsnes. How to get there? Just drive 20 km heading the north from Selfoss town.


Reynisfjara is a black beach with basalt columns. This place offers a fantastic range of different colors which will not let you down at all.

Hot Pools

Each town in Iceland has its own hot pool where locals can swim (of course) or relax themselves . The Blue Lagoon is over a field of lava 45 km away from the capital. Unfortunately the entrance is not free, but it is a spectacular place where its healing healthy waters will make this experience unforgettable.

Are you still sitting in your couch ? Buy your tickets now and discover the adventure of exploring Iceland by car.

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